6 local food in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Indonesia in an ancient city filled with many historical and cultural sites to sight see however in between visiting all the places, you will need to fill your stomach. Check out the top 6 food choices to replenish your energy and have a taste of its local delicacies

1) Nasi Gudeg

Nasi means rice and Gudeg is actually jackfruit. A plate of jackfruit rice consist of white rice, kampong chicken, beef skin in spicy bean sauce and a scoop of sweet soy jackfruit.


Yogyakarta is also known as the city of Gudeg as this is the city’s speciality. Domestic tourists from other parts of Indonesia flocks here for this dish. You may be a jackfruit lover but to enjoy this sweet soy jackfruit, you would ned an acquired taste however it being a speciality of the city, you got to give it a try!

Where to find?

RM. Gudeg Sagan located at Jl. Prof. Dr. Herman Yohanes No. 53 (Sagan), Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta 55121
This is one of the best restaurants to try this dish. This restaurant started selling Nasi Gudeg from a street food store and because business was so good, they begin to expand to a proper restaurant today.

2) Tempe

A popular food that originates from Java made of soybeans and through thorough fermented process, it bind soybeans together turning it into a staple source of protein known as tempe.

The picture above is known as tempe bacem. It is tempe boiled with palm sugar and spices, then deep fried for a few minutes to achieve the sweetness. It can be eaten with some glutinous rice. If you want to excite your taste bud, take in some raw green chilli with this.

This can be eaten as a main dish during meal time or a snack on its own with a pot of traditional Javanese tea


To experience the Javanese way of life, , order a pot of traditional Javanese tea to go with it while sitting on mats provided.

Where to find?

Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik located at Jalan Astomulyo (Kaliurang, Pakem), Sleman, DI Yogyakarta 0274
It is a pretty common snack to find along food stalls.

3) Leker

Leker is thin layer of crispy pancake with your choice of fillings inside. You can choose from fillings like chocolate, bananas, strawberries, condense milk and more. You will be spoiled for choices and if you cannot decide, feel free to order a few pieces for just one leaker is not enough to fill you up!


Where to find? 

Find this easily along the busy street food stalls.

4) Mushroom restaurant

If you are a mushroom lover, you gonna love this restaurant! Every dish in the menu (except drinks and desserts) are made of mushrooms.

Mushroom5 Mushroom4 Mushroom3 Mushroom2 Mushroom1

Yes, those photos you see above are all made of mushrooms! Food is rather affordable and what is even better is that the dishes were really top notch delish! One of my favourite is the mushroom satay which is a must try! Go for it Super Marios!

Where to find? 

jeJamuran restaurant located at Niron Pandowoharjo (Sebelah Utara Perempatan Beran), Sleman, DI Yogyakarta55512
There are more than one mushroom restaurants in Yogyakarta but this is the best of them all!

5) Bubur Campur

Bubur Campur is also known as mixed porridge. Sticky rice are mashed up and ingredients are added to them creating different flavours and colours. It is usually eaten in the morning as breakfast.


Each pot contains a different taste of mashed up sticky rice, some are sweet while some are slightly salty. if you care not sure which one to get, why not try a little bit of everything, just tell the seller to mix everything into a bowl like the picture above. It is flavoursome with sweetness and a tinge of saltiness. This make an awesome breakfast.

BuburCampur2 BuburCampur3

The seller will scoop out each one out from their individual pot.

Where to find?

Murni Bakery located at Jl. Bintaran Kidul No. 30, Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta

6) Wedang Uwuh

Technically this is not a food but this drink is worth mentioning!
Wedang uwuh, in Javanese is essentially translates to trash hot drink. Trash? It only sounds trashy but it is a Javanese health drink. Do not be steered away by the name.


Taking a closer look at the ingredients inside the drink. A piece of ginger, some clover barks and cinnamon leaves. Sweeten it with with palm rock sugar gives you wedang uwuh.


The colour of the clover leaves turn the hot water red and the taste of ginger will tend to overpower the taste of cinnamon while palm sugar gives a hint of sweetness in the drink.
Somehow the taste of ginger will overpower the taste of others but if you like ginger and believes in the health benefit, once cup isn’t enough.

Where to find?

Standalone traditional Javanese food restaurant at Warung Makan Lombok Iko “Mbah Wiji” located at Jalan Pakem Turi Km. 1 (Mangunan, Harjobinangun), Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

It can be found in other traditional Javanese eateries too.

Will these be on your food menu when you visit Yogyakarta next time?

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