7 reasons why you should be travelling to Yogyakarta this September

Yogyakarta, also affectionally known as Jogjakarta is located at the special region of Central Java, Indonesia. It is a city filled with rich culture and heritage that has plenty to offer.

Here are some of the reasons why you should pay a visit to Yogyakarta this coming September.

1) An international airport.


An international airport which services direct flights from neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. It also caters to domestic flights from other parts of Indonesia such as Bali or Jakarta which are able to accommodate more international airlines. While Silkair and Garuda Indonesia fly into Adisucipto airport, budget airlines like AirAsia is a great option for budget travellers.

2) The start of the wet season

The wet season in Jogja begins from September all through to April with temperature ranging between 22°C to 31°C. Since September is the beginning of the wet season, there is a high chance of experiencing the end of dry season that comes with good weather. Furthermore, travelling between shoulder of seasons will help to avoid the tourist crowd and expensive accommodations. In turn, traveller will have better bargaining power.

3) Food


Jogja is a good place to get introduced to Javanese food. It also has its very own speciality, known as Nasi Gudug. Everyone flocks to Jogja just to have a taste of the authentic food. Gudug is the special sweet soy jackfruit that you eat with your rice. It needs an acquire taste but it is something you do not want to miss out in Jogja.

Check out the food guide and be sure to eat something off this list.

4) UNESCO sites

Jogjakarta have not one but two UNESCO heritage sites.

Borobudur is world’s largest Buddhist complex temple with stupas and buddha’s statues all around. It was build in the 9th century and still standing tall and majestic.


The other UNESCO heritage site worth a visit is Prambanan temple compound, that is made up of many standalone temples. This is the biggest Hindu temple compound in South East Asia.


Both are sadly not able to withstand the destructions from Mother Nature that you can still see the aftermath of violent earthquakes in this region.


5) Batik sarongs

Jogjakarta is one of the best place to pick up some authentic batik sarongs. Batik is a traditional technique using wax-resist dying to create patterns and designs. In addition, sarongs are very affordable here and they are a great must-have when you go travelling, whether you need to wrap yourself up in a beach after a swim, using it as a beach mat to lie on or to use it to keep yourself warm in colder places or just as a neck rest.

6) Learning of puppet


Shadow puppets are part of Javanese culture, where they act out in front of bright lights, behind white screens, it is a good idea to learn the art behind the creation of these puppets and you can also sign up for a shadow puppet course where you get behind the art of creating your very own leather puppets and learn how to use and put up a short performance too.

7) AWE


This September, there is a conference happening in Jogjakarta from 11th – 13th September. Asian Women Empowerment for running for the third year where it connects females in Asia and inspires them to go for their dreams while creating a network of support within this group of aspiring women. This is a conference not to miss if you would like to connect with like-minded women, be inspired and show your support to Asian women. Get your tickets here!

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