Hello and welcome to Must Travel Asia where we takes Asians to the world.

Who are we?

We are two friends, Lu Wee and Pamela from Malaysia and Singapore respectively and we met through an women’s conference in Kuala Lumpur back in November 2013. We did not click immediately but over time we bonded and realised that we share an intense love for travelling, to exploring the unknown.

We both enjoy writing, making new friends, having great length of conversations and also appreciate the contentment of life.


How did Must Travel Asia come about?

Must Travel Asia (MTA) is the brainchild of Luwee where one day she had a brilliant idea to unite all Asian travellers and roped in Pamela to run this website with her.

Although we are not full-time travellers, it does not stop our curiosity from driving us to see the world and come back with guides and tips to help Asian be resourceful to travel better

What is MTA all about?

Must Travel Asia (MTA) is a platform to share guides, tips, stories to inspire and encourage Asians to travel out of the comfort zone.

Travel habits are changing. No longer are we packing ourselves into buses where we were herded in and out at fixed time. We want to show you that you can travel to places without feeling rushed, forced or bored because we have been through boring packaged organised tours and we know how pointless it would be to just travel for the sake of travel.

Off-beaten travels. You do not have to go on trips that thousands of people have already been on. You can take trips that are not listed on guidebooks. We call them Hidden Gems. We are here to help you create your own adventures and stories. Memories that are unique, meaningful and timeless.

Travel local. Sometimes we forget that we live in some of the most beautiful countries in the world. For example, Sabah state of Malaysia is home to the most beautiful coral reefs in the world but you will be surprise that not many Malaysians have been there before.

Explore within your own country or nearby countries can be fun and meaningful as a trip faraway. By travelling local, you are also supporting your own community.

What can you look forward to in MTA?

We want to breakdown the myth that travelling is an expensive activity. We want to encourage more Asians to see the real world out there, to expand your horizon and broaden your perspective through interactions, experience different customs and cultures which eventually turn into a lifetime of experience.

We want to build a community for Asian travellers to inspires and share their stories and guides. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

Happy Travels!

Lu Wee & Pamela

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