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The MTA team is always welcoming of people who want to join us as contributors on MTA. If you like to travel and want to share your travel experiences with the readers of MTA, do contact us.

We are travel enthusiasts and if you are reading MTA you probably are too. Unsurprisingly the articles that will be published on MTA are travel-related articles. These include:

Practical travel guides

If you have itinerary and budget information about a place you’d like to share with our readers, please feel free to let us know.

We especially welcome guides that take our readers to the unbeaten paths that most tourists do not explore. The places you bring MTA readers to do not have to be picturesque or perfect. Some of the best fun are had in places with no air-conditioning or clean water!

There’s no specific format you need to follow but what you write must be easy to understand and completely practical.

Travel stories

Travel stories are where you talk about how you feel about a place. These are pieces where you talk about how staying in an area in a country where muggings and robberies are common changed you. Or how living in a country much less materialistic had an impact on you. You could even talk about the people you met along the way.

The possibilities are endless!

Travel isn’t only about taking photos with monuments and posting them on Facebook. A big part of travel is also its long-term impact on your world view after that.


If you have any other type of content that you would like to contribute please do let us know. We can talk about the options and pick one which suits you best.

Sponsored posts

From time to time we will accept requests for sponsored posts. However, this is subject to the type of content and the product/service being promoted. We want to be honest and transparent with our readers and will only provide genuine reviews. If you want to work with us for a sponsored post, please do not submit an article using the form on this page. Instead, contact us here.

Other information about contributing

[1] Articles can either be original or published. However the nature of the article must be indicated.

[2] Articles must be published under original names. We do not welcome the use of pseudonyms or initials.

[3] Try to include links back to your own website if you have one. However, do not oversell your website using the article you contribute.

[4] MTA will only publish articles that the team feels are relevant to MTA’s core message and quality of writing. You will be notified if your article has been selected for publication.

[5] When selected your article might be edited for clarity.

[6] Contributors will not be paid for the article submitted. Contribute only if you want to share your story or guide with a larger audience.


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