Want to learn about wildlife conservation? Make plans for this place in Borneo

People travel for different reasons. For some, the most satisfying part of travel is learning something new.

Today, I want to share with you a place in Borneo where you can get up close and learn about wildlife that are quickly going extinct.


Here we go…

Introducing the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC)

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is run by Penang-nite Wildlife Biologist & Sun Bear Expert, Siew Te Wong. As the name suggests, the BSBCC is a sanctuary for Bornean Sun Bears.


(from the BSBCC website)

Before I met Te Wong I didn’t even know there were Sun Bears in Malaysia, let alone that they were going extinct!

I won’t go into details about here are some quick facts about Bornean Sunbears:

– The sun bear is really small in bear terms. At 120 – 150cm long and 60 – 78cm high, it is the smallest of the bear family.

– Sun bears get their name from the unique horse shoe shaped mark on their chests (which resemble a rising / settling sun).


– Sun bears are omnivores, feeding mainly on termites, insects and fruits!

And some quick facts about the BSBCC:

– You can volunteer for 14 or 28 days with the BSBCC. Check the volunteer programme here and volunteer stories here.

– They post videos of their sun bears on Youtube (like the one below)!

– BSBCC is currently home to 33 sun bears!

Do you want to learn more about wildlife conservation? Get more info about the BSBCC

Go to the BSBCC homepage or go straight to the Visit BSBCC page where you can find out how and when to visit BSBCC!

Some general info about opening hours and fees:


(from the BSBCC website)


Capture(from the BSBCC website)

Contact the BSBCC

Phone: +6089-534491
Email: info.bsbcc@gmail.com


All information about sun bears taken from the BSBCC official website.

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